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Pokémon Collectors Day Out -- San Francisco Style!'s Journal
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Friday, February 18th, 2011
1:23 pm
Animation On Display?
Okay. I should have mentioned THIS one sooner too, but this weekend is Animation On Display, also known as Anime Overdose. Basically? A miniature anime convention in Japan Town San Francisco. I will be there on Saturday, and intend to buy a katana umbrella from the swordware store. And show off my Team Aqua cosplay and stuff. Supposedly it'll still be rainy, though. Anyways, is anybody planning on going? Hope to see some of you there!
I may bring some TCG cards for trading, too. >.> Or giving away depending.
Tuesday, March 9th, 2010
6:31 pm
Anime FX Meeting 3/12/2010: Pokemon Gathering!
A message on behalf of Anime FX, the Anime club on campus:
Anime FX Meeting: 3/12/2010
HSS Room 153, 154. 4:30PM to 8:45 or 9
Pokemon Union Room Gathering

Ladies and Gentlemen, PokeFans of all ages! In preparation of the upcoming Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver release on the Sunday after this upcoming Anime FX meeting, I hereby propose a Pokemon Union Room Gathering! If you are a fan of the games, please bring in your game and a DS to do some wireless trading with us! If you haven't played up to the DS generations and are still on the GBA Generation of games, I plan on bringing in two GameBoy Advance SPs as well as one (maybe two) Game Link Cables for trading or record mixing!
If you're not an active fan of the video games, but are a fan of the cards, bring in your decks! You may receive a challenge!
And if you want, bring in your favorite piece of Pokemon merchandise, whether it's a plush toy, a PokeBall, clothes or anything at all!
Cosplay will be encouraged as well!

I'm debating bringing along my Wii as well, as I have a copy of Pokemon Rumble saved to my system, as well as My Pokemon Ranch (for those of you that want to see a herd of Buizel). If anybody has a copy of Pokemon Battle Revolution, we can even try to arrange some battles on a big screen!

Is anybody else here as excited for a Pokemon themed gathering as I am? I hope to see lots of trainers to mix records with and do trades!

Interested in hosting an event (i.e. Mystery Egg trades, Pokemon Contest competition, etc.)? Post here, and we'll see how it goes!

(X-posted to BayAnime here and sfsu)

I'm pretty sure there was something involving the SFSU Charter about who can attend, but as long as you're a student, I -think- it'll be fine? I'll post an update later about it.

EDIT: Okay. So I checked the details. It's technically open ended, but we currently have an open invitation to students of City College of San Francisco (CCSF). If I vouch personally for the person, it should be fine, and previous students to SFSU or CCSF should be valid as well. They reserve the right to kick anybody out should they upset the members and aren't covered by the school, so if you plan to attend, please be on your best behavior.
Thursday, October 30th, 2008
11:20 pm
January 17th! Save that date!
Okay, everyone! It seems everyone who is going to deliberate on time and place of our Pokégathering already has, so I guess we might as well finalize the date that everyone seemed to be free on. If we need to move it later because too many things come up, that's all right as well, but for now this can be the plan!

The date will be Saturday, January 17th! Mark that down in your calendars, perhaps start planning ahead, and I think we can anticipate this gathering will be taking place for most of the day.

November is a busy month for me because on top of classes and other insanity, I've got NaNoWriMo going on, but once I find some time, let's begin planning some events! I'll post a sign-up sheet for organizing and planning ahead on events (where you can volunteer to head up a certain event and be responsible for arranging it), bringing food, and whatever else we can think of. Just give me a week or so to do that. ^^;

I'll also probably advertise our event in pokemon soon because hey, the more the merrier!

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Monday, October 13th, 2008
10:51 pm
Discussion of the date!
All right--this thread is to try to figure out what day we're going to hold this on!

What I would like you to post is when you definitely COULD NOT make it to this event. We'll be most likely having it on the weekend unless everyone agrees on a weekday instead.

I think, for the sake of having adequate planning time, we want it to be no earlier than late November and no later than, say, March. January so far seems to be getting the most interest, though we could bump it into February if necessary. :)

Okay, as for me:

My last class this semester is December 11th, so I am free for the rest of December with the obvious exclusion of Christmas and New Years.

I have a convention in LA from January 1-5, and another January 10-11, then start classes again on January 12th (ouch). However, just because I'm back in classes doesn't mean we can't still have it sometime in January or early February if that's when everyone else is free, as I don't have classes on the weekend.

Anyway, post when you're not available and what your basic work or class schedule is. We'll work things out from there!

EDIT: Obviously we'll be waiting for more people to give input and I'll constantly be changing this post, but... Saturday, January 17th, anyone?

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10:50 pm
The post that sparked it all!
Here's the original post, just for reference:

As a disclaimer, this is just a very tentative idea at the moment and I'm trying to gauge interest before we arrange anything too specific or certain.

For California or can-get-to-California members mostly, though of course everyone is welcome to read and give input!Collapse )

Disabling comments because discussion will take place in other entries!

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