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Discussion of the date!

All right--this thread is to try to figure out what day we're going to hold this on!

What I would like you to post is when you definitely COULD NOT make it to this event. We'll be most likely having it on the weekend unless everyone agrees on a weekday instead.

I think, for the sake of having adequate planning time, we want it to be no earlier than late November and no later than, say, March. January so far seems to be getting the most interest, though we could bump it into February if necessary. :)

Okay, as for me:

My last class this semester is December 11th, so I am free for the rest of December with the obvious exclusion of Christmas and New Years.

I have a convention in LA from January 1-5, and another January 10-11, then start classes again on January 12th (ouch). However, just because I'm back in classes doesn't mean we can't still have it sometime in January or early February if that's when everyone else is free, as I don't have classes on the weekend.

Anyway, post when you're not available and what your basic work or class schedule is. We'll work things out from there!

EDIT: Obviously we'll be waiting for more people to give input and I'll constantly be changing this post, but... Saturday, January 17th, anyone?
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