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January 17th! Save that date!

Okay, everyone! It seems everyone who is going to deliberate on time and place of our Pokégathering already has, so I guess we might as well finalize the date that everyone seemed to be free on. If we need to move it later because too many things come up, that's all right as well, but for now this can be the plan!

The date will be Saturday, January 17th! Mark that down in your calendars, perhaps start planning ahead, and I think we can anticipate this gathering will be taking place for most of the day.

November is a busy month for me because on top of classes and other insanity, I've got NaNoWriMo going on, but once I find some time, let's begin planning some events! I'll post a sign-up sheet for organizing and planning ahead on events (where you can volunteer to head up a certain event and be responsible for arranging it), bringing food, and whatever else we can think of. Just give me a week or so to do that. ^^;

I'll also probably advertise our event in pokemon soon because hey, the more the merrier!
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